About Linkgroup

You feel happy and delighted to live in the world when you are surrounded by things made with love. This idea is regarded as essential for LinkGroup company – from the establishment of Bannye Shtucki and Vortex brands in 2007 and till nowadays. At present our company portfolio counts 8 trademarks which are aimed at bringing more easiness, bright colors and comfort to people’s everyday lives. BOYSCOUT, Bannye Shtucki, Hotpot, Marmiton, Vortex, Help, BlumenHaus and Vegas brand products will help you to get over household routines easily and spend a nice free time at home, cottage or in the countryside. Embodying our professional experience, sense of humor and passion for work, our products fill you with holiday cheer and positive.

Linkgroup company keeps an eye on market trends to offer a wide range for different goods at each price level and allow our partners – federal chain stores, regional distributors and major players of commodity market – choose us as a reliable supplier each year. All products of LinkGroup company are already certified in accordance to regulations of the Russian Federation, our own warehouses and well-organized logistic process enable to ship them out within agreed time. We not only carry for time and expenses which are so essential to our customers, but also build up a visual chain between a product and a consumer: starting with attractive and appealing description on packages and up to a bright advertisement at the sales outlets.

Ideas and innovations, which are developed together with our partners and cater to their needs, demand in high season and throughout the year, are later fulfilled in ready-to-use solutions that are imbued with cozy atmosphere and set mood of the whole brand.


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Приглашаем к сотрудничеству

Гибкая клиентская политика компании «LinkGroup» позволяет нашим партнёрам зарабатывать на востребованном ассортименте, а наши специалисты всегда подскажут, какие позиции лучше продаются в Вашем канале сбыта.

Мы всегда готовы предложить:

  • партнёрство и высокую доходность от продажи нашего товара;
  • возможность реализовывать качественную продукцию;
  • индивидуальные условия с учетом особенностей рынка Вашего региона;
  • бесплатное обучение для всех сотрудников Вашей компании;
  • постоянную информационную и коммерческую поддержку;
  • акции и мотивационные мероприятия.
  • доставку товаров по всей территорию России и стран СНГ.

Начав работать с «LinkGroup», Вы приобретёте надёжного партнёра в нашем лице!