About Linkgroup

It is really enjoyable and gladly to live at the word when you are surrounded by things, wish made by love. That was the main idea for our company: from creation of our brands like «GOODS FOR BATH» and «Vortex» in 2007 year up to present day. Today our company has got eight brands, each of they can change a people’s everyday life for easier, colorful and more comfortable than they have at the moment now.

Our goods of «BOYSCOUT», «БАННЫЕ ШТУЧКИ», «HOTPOT», «MARMITON», «VORTEX», «HELP», «BLUMENHAUS» and «VEGAS» brands can help peoples easy to solve all domestic chores and easily organize leisure time at apartment, at house or out in the bush.

They create a holiday, give emotion, positive, embody the professional experience and a sense of humor team, enthusiastic common cause.

Retail chains, region distributors and players of bulk buying market work whit us for some year now - it’s very essential for us. This means that we are reliable supplier and your clients trust and rely on our expert evaluation. Our company monitors the market trends and offers commercial range of goods for different price brackets.

Own warehouses and logistics provide all pool delivery at the time. That time and cost saving is too necessary for your business partners. All products of LINKGROUP are certified subject to the applicable laws of Russian Federation.

We are building also a chain of real live communication between our consumers and us: from attractive and clear description of the marking detail in package up to bright advertising messages at points of sale.

We always help make better organization for the points of sale for our clients.

Our retail equipment not just transfuse the mood of brand, our good is a ready-made solution.

We make up and realize all ideas whit our partners, in the meantime we take into account their mounting needs and shoppers demand in the season throughout the year.

We have a kindness to our customers and we think about how to surround them with a special atmosphere of comfort for longevity.


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Приглашаем к сотрудничеству

Гибкая клиентская политика компании «LinkGroup» позволяет нашим партнёрам зарабатывать на востребованном ассортименте, а наши специалисты всегда подскажут, какие позиции лучше продаётся в Вашем канале сбыта.

Мы всегда готовы предложить:

  • партнёрство и высокую доходность от продажи нашего товара;
  • возможность реализовывать качественную продукцию;
  • индивидуальные условия с учетом особенностей рынка Вашего региона;
  • бесплатное обучение для всех сотрудников Вашей компании;
  • постоянную информационную и коммерческую поддержку;
  • акции и мотивационные мероприятия.
  • доставку товаров по всей территорию России и стран СНГ.

Начав работать с «LinkGroup», Вы приобретёте надёжного партнёра в нашем лице!